Dear Freeburg Chamber of Commerce Members,

I want to take some time to say Thank You to the Freeburg Chamber of Commerce and its members for allowing me to serve on the Board of Directors for 3 Years and as the President for the past 2 years. It is my hope that during my time serving as President, that I was able to leave the community a better place for everyone. I take great pride in the things that we were able to accomplish during my tenure.

This group has taken many steps to keep up with the ever-changing business trends and strives towards supporting the businesses in our town. The addition of the Business Luncheons has been a great success and heavily supported by those in the community. The Luncheons help us reach out to our business leaders and encourage open and honest discussion. I hope to see this event and other events continue.

We have also successfully launched a new website and generated a strong social media presence, allowing us the opportunity to communicate more efficiently about our events as well as topics that affect the community at large. The change in bylaws regarding meeting time has allowed the The Board of Directors as well as the Chamber body, to work with a more flexible meeting schedule to accommodate all members.

The overwhelming success of the The Fall Festival and Chili Cookoff cannot be denied. This event has become a “can’t miss” activity for families as well as business owners. In addition to providing a great community event, roughly $23,500 of proceeds have been donated to the Freeburg Food & Clothing Bank and the Freeburg Utility Assistance Fund. There’s nothing better than seeing the citizens of Freeburg coming together for a fun time, a great cause and seeing the proceeds going directly back into the town.

My hope as I step down is that the progress, we have made in the past several years continues to move forward so that we see even more community involvement, support of business development and the overall improvement of the town.

Thank you so much for allowing me to serve the Freeburg Chamber of Commerce and please feel free to reach out if I can ever be of help.

Thank you,

Matt Trout