The Chamber body voted to pass revised constitution on Monday, May 13. Revising the constitution has been more than a year in the making. Thank you to the constitution committee and all of those within our organization who have worked tirelessly to get this project finished.

The main aim of revising the constitution was to allow us the flexibility to have more day meetings in the place of night meetings. In the past, we were restricted to holding meetings the second Monday of the month at 7pm. The revised language will now allow for lunch meetings instead, in some instances.

The demand for lunch meetings has increased as our quarterly business luncheons has increased. Our most recent luncheon at The Weingarten in April was well attended and featured guest speaker US Representative Mike Bost.

We have more events coming up, including our annual Freeburg Chamber and Freeburg Rotary BBQ on Monday, June 10. The BBQ starts at 6 and is $10 per person with food and refreshments included.

We will be holding Chamber Pool Night at the Freeburg Pool on Monday, July 8. This is our second ever pool night, and it will feature hot dogs and hamburgers, refreshments our monthly Chamber meeting, and a night in the Freeburg pool for you and your family.

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