As a businessperson, you are no doubt hounded constantly by various organizations looking for your membership. We just want to take a moment to share some of the benefits of joining the Freeburg Chamber of Commerce. An annual membership for in-town is $50, $100 for out-of- town. The Freeburg Chamber is dedicated to providing the best possible benefits for our members to better help us serve the community. We are always looking for new ways to improve our offerings.

Access to Networking Events

As a member of the Freeburg Chamber, you get access to business networking events throughout the year. Our monthly meetings are on the second Monday of every month. Additionally, we have quarterly business luncheons throughout the year, a number that may be ramped up in the future as there has been much demand.

These are far from the only networking opportunities, as our summer months include an annual barbecue and the newly introduced Chamber Pool Night, during which attendees can bring their family (as well as staff and their families) to a fun night of BBQ and swimming at the Freeburg Pool. We also hold an annual Banquet for all Chamber members. Last year’s event included mouse races and prime rib.

Listing in Our Business Directory

Our business directory includes listings sorted by industry. With your listing, you can add your address, phone, website, and social media accounts. Our directory is easily accessible here, and is promoted through our marketing efforts.

A Free Newspaper Advertisement

Your membership in the Freeburg Chamber includes one free Spotlight on Business advertisement in The Freeburg Tribune. That advertisement carries a $48 value. The Spotlight on Business advertisement allows you to spotlight your services, location, or any other facets of your business for which you would like to raise awareness. These spotlight advertisements are also shared on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Facebook and LinkedIn

Members of the Freeburg Chamber of Commerce get access to our networking groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. In these groups, you can converse with other members of the business community in the Freeburg area and promote events, services, and products. We also share content from our members on our Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, which work to promote Chamber events and business in Freeburg.

Join Our Community

The Freeburg Chamber is dedicated to strengthening the Freeburg Community. We work to promote business, strengthen community bonds, promote cooperation between businesses and civic bodies, and to raise the quality of life for everyone in the community. Please join us and be part of our growing community.